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 Glimpse Of Love -- Poems Written by: CP1982Jackson

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PostSubject: The Impersonator   Thu Oct 24, 2013 5:54 pm


The Impersonator

You say you want to be an impersonator
to perform in front of crowds.
You say you want to travel the world,
and do shows that drive the crowds wild.
You say you want the fame, the money,
but are you really doing what's right?
The sacrifice of being the performer means
being up both day and night.
Most of the time unable to sleep,
always working on dance techniques.
Constantly concerned about having "the perfect show",
of never making a mistake at all you know.
The cameras, the pictures, the crowds,
the fans all trying to get close to you as much as they can.
The feelings inside of you,
of wondering if what you'll do is right.
Constantly, day and night.
Once in front of the people you perform,
they are all watching you,
some laughing, some to scorn.
At this point you must well be
the impersonator of whom you always wanted to be.
Hours and hours you have prepared,
but are you really ready to share?
Years go by, many tears you have cried,
perfection is in your eyes.
Do not worry about how others feel,
of your lifestyle which now is so real.
You have worked so many years of creating a show.
Believe me, no one can really understand or know.
You've sacrificed all that you could give for the show
you now perform simply as a gift.
Yes, you get to travel and meet so many new friends,
but after this reality you often feel alone.
Sometimes people whom you've always known
do not really know you and may now not want anything
to do with you at all.
Tell me, when you are in the "spotlight"
who then really is genuine and true.
Someone whom you can really talk to.
The impersonator must always be willing to give,
to rehearse for unlimited hours, and sacrifice the majority
of their lives if they want to be the best.
Do not be concerned about the rest of what others think.
It does not matter even if it appears as though they may be
better than you,
what matters really is if you are genuinely true.
Be the best impersonator you can be.
No matter what, you will be appreciated and loved by me.
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PostSubject: Message to all of the Michael Jackson haters   Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:03 pm

In the morning we awake,
once again our day's at stake.
Ahead of us lies hurt and pain.
Everyday we must face,
negative racism from the human race.
With no regard of the way that we feel,
your hate and remarks so unreal.
No matter how much we sacrifice,
you act as though it's wrong.
You attempt to build up walls
in an effort to destroy us all.
I am so sick and tired
of the things that you do.
you're always trying to destroy
those of us who are genuine and true.
You hack on our videos,
you leave nasty remarks,
you laugh at our talents,
with nothing in regard.
You try to attach yourself
in an effort to destroy.
Such a vicious cycle of pain
you wish to pull me in.
Constantly, you pursue us in all you do,
you're never through.
You go after anyone who loves Michael nevertheless.
Nick picking randomly where ever you could care less.
Seeking the new dancers
and even the ones with the live shows.
I'm so tired of your racist remarks,
wherever I go.
The negative energy,
have you nothing better to do?
With you I am completely through.
You laugh you scorn,
you say things I wouldn't even dare to say,
you do things unthinkable...on here I won't say.
I've put up with you for so long,
for this I say you are more than wrong.
You will have to one day give an account of your actions.
From this day forward I will do without it.
You will NEVER AGAIN bother or hurt me.
I have way too many friends who support me no doubt!!
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PostSubject: Alone   Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:43 pm

In the shadows as night falls,
the crowd calls out your name.
So you stand there all alone
on the stage in which you dance and sing.
One would think that you would
have many friends indeed,
but they are not around any where to be.
The price of fame, many say is great,
so many do not appreciate much less understand.
Who really is a true friend,
someone whom in which you can depend?
Countless hours you prepare,
working on dance routines that others wouldn't dare.
Sleepless nights, all the time you spend working.
So exhausted from the life that you so lead.
It seems as though no one seems to understand,
neither do they seem to believe.
You feel so all alone,
with only a dream in your eyes.
a temporary show which only lasts so long,
only for a little while.
People will comment and say,
"Oh, your show was so good."
But in the true reality of it all,
it feels as though you are so misunderstood.
Who can possibly comprehend
when you feel as though
you can barely place one foot in front of another.
Waking up in the middle of the night
with thoughts running continuously through your mind.
Precariously so even when certain people
want you to go, go, go.
Do they really know?
You are only able to do,
only some of your dreams can come true.
It may not be fame and fortune that you seek,
only to just be able to meet,
the very few who many truly understand,
in you, they can have a friend.
There are so many out there who
have no one at all.
There are so many out there
who need a comforting word from us all.
People whom are long forgotten
and do not feel as though
anyone is thinking of them at all.
There are those out there
who just need a loving embrace.
People who may unknowingly feel
as though "What really is life worth, what is truly real?"
For these people I can truly identify.
It's for these people that I strive to meet.
To be a friend for them, this I do know,
it's why I work continuously
to give them the very best show!

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PostSubject: Re: Glimpse Of Love -- Poems Written by: CP1982Jackson   Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:43 am

A few nights ago I had a dream of you holding me in your arms. Look at me you said. I felt as though I barely could. You stated, That's it! You will never go on that stage again feeling nervous. You insisted that I do a duet with you. Then you went out back on stage and started performing a song just before I was to go out to you. I could hear so clearly the sound from the was so incredible. Even though I had listened to the songs many times before it sounded so much more real than ever before. I was nervous and found myself quickly rehearsing the intro verse. Just before I went out to you, I woke up. Later on in the afternoon hours I played I just can't Stop Loving You. For the first time I felt comfortable....I was not forgetting lyrics as I sometimes do. I felt your true presence around me and the song came even more to life than ever before.
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PostSubject: Re: Glimpse Of Love -- Poems Written by: CP1982Jackson   Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:56 pm

A fleeing moment in the quiet night,
not too far from out of sight.
A feeling of tension, a moment of pain,
no one around, it feels insane.
You try to assist
but it seems as though no one cares,
you try to persist
with what others would not even dare.
If in your heart you do so feel
that something isn't right,
maybe isn't real,
do not question for it soon will be,
a very painful and destructive memory.
A rare moment, a touch of love,
this special man with the sequined glove.
Many believe and feel in their hearts
that they are really him but what they
do not understand
is how really far away they are
from the reality of it.
They make their fortunes
and gather their own unearned fame,
still it's the same,
non of it they should have claimed.
Whatever happened
with the underlying truth,
just be yourself and stop hiding
behind a mask that's not your own,
for you do not really
understand what's really going on.
You perform in front of others
with people screaming out your name,
the crowds gathering
sometimes seem and feel unreal.
How much work did you really put forth
when you dance and sing?
Strangers in whom you do not know
are recording your every move,
your actions, maybe
even some of your thoughts.
It's permanent and can never be erased,
they are posting you on facebook
and all over the place!
If you say that you are "the best"
you had better watch out!
The press and the public
could bring your ultimate deadly turnabout!
Are you really striving
to be who you claim to be?
How are you spending your time?
Are you sitting down
and not even investing a dime?
Are you entertaining from your heart,
when you may have already known
from the very start
that you have not truly invested
your time to people in need,
especially with those whom
you could have showed.
Gently take a strangers hand,
tell them you care whenever you can.
For even when the moment does not feel right,
don't let that passing moment go out of sight!
You say that you do, and dedicate your time,
well I haven't seen it, stop telling your lies.
If you can not trust, if you do not really feel,
this moment now that is so indeed real.
At this very moment
you may be plotting in your heart
to in some way steal.
How could you even dare to say
that you really do care?
After you become a "mini celebrity"
a very small "star",
how really far do you expect to go
when you haven't yet invested
very much of your time?
So, what you put in a few months
and expect the world to love you?
You thin you're good because
you do a handful of dance moves?
Just maybe you really are
performing from the heart,
I hope you do
because the real truth of it all
will eventually shine through.
It doesn't matter
as to how many gigs or shows
you have done,
no it doesn't matter really to anyone.
You can even invest
every moment of your life,
trying to become
what you think others believe is right.
The real truth I say is
who's life have you touched or changed today?
Or are you really trying to be
"famous" as one would say?
To be a genuine entertainer it goes both ways.
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PostSubject: Re: Glimpse Of Love -- Poems Written by: CP1982Jackson   Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:12 pm

Yesterday, is already gone,
tomorrow is already here.
You've already wasted away
so much of your life,
just don't waste any more years.
You sit and stare at the television
so many countless hours,
in fact, just today,
you didn't stop to smell
the roadside's beautiful flowers.
You didn't stop to notice
the birds flying around,
picking up leaves up off the ground.
You didn't look at the clouds
and realize there is a God up above.
You didn't stop and breathe in
the spring time's fresh air,
neither did you look
at the ants whom are
scurrying so on the ground.
The squirrels climbing
up and down the trees,
the insects flying around
not to mention the bees.
Did you forget that God created these?
You didn't not even once even think
of how lucky you are
that even your walk is in sync.
Yes, you can even touch and feel,
you have hands and the ability to think and do.
Yes! I am talking to you!
You take so much for granted,
your normal routine from the very moment
that you wake up even until you go to sleep.
You assume that in the morning
you will again wake,
to drink your coffee,
or whatever else you do or even make.
You move around not even thinking twice,
your grumbling and complaining
of what you anticipate.
The reality is that you really do not know,
you are not guaranteed anything at all you know.
Deal with today's life issues at hand
and don't worry about tomorrow
because it comes just as fast.
Whether or not you may realize,
your life will be gone
and you will look back wondering
what you did with your time.

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PostSubject: A Hug   Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:27 pm


When you are stressed and feel alone,
when people distract you from your comfort zone,
just feel the hug and love that I send to you,
a moment of comfort and friendship so genuine and true.
Many times we are so placed,
in uncomfortable positions, so out of place.
We feel as though we will cry,
there is no comfort or warmth within,
our feelings and emotions turn us upside down in pain.
You may even wonder how can you deal with such turmoil and pain.
Once in a while you go into a corner and cry,
trying to be what others see as the strong person within,
you dare to not let them know,
you wouldn't even let your insecurities show.
It's okay to sometimes feel this way,
even if it lasts more than one day.
Just know that whenever your heart feels torn apart,
when you feel like you are so alone,
like the world itself has grown cold,
when you feel like crying but may not even know why
when you feel like you are not really as strong as others believe,
when you just want a reason to believe,
when you feel like no one care,
when you just need someone there.
When a tear falls down your cheek,
when you want a little time away,
when no one even bothered to write or call you today,
when you feel as though you have no friends
when you want just someone to be able to depend,
when you want a laugh or a smile,
when you need a memory to two,
when you feel like you are through,
just know that you have a genuine friend,
someone here for your heart to mend I send this hug to you.
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PostSubject: Success   Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:54 pm

Success....What exactly does that mean? Who determines when one has reached such a valued point in someone's life. At what cost does someone go through to be able to say that it has been accomplished? With it comes stress, determination, and strong dedication. The ability to change people's lives has a high cost, it requires sacrifice. I totally understand many of the things that Michael had once spoke about. I'm referring to creating and putting ideas together to make a show and/or performance different than anyone's work. Something that has never been seen before. Ideas do not always come to mind when you may want them to, sometimes it happens at the last moment but more often when you feel as though you have completed something. Many times this leads one back to what one would consider the beginning again. In my opinion, the magic stops when the Entertainer/Performer does not challenge themselves neither takes genuine time to relate to the audiences. Instead of saying that you make mistakes or should have done something else, one must take those ideas as well and create something around it. Also, just because you think something will work....sometimes it doesn't. Every show is different and every audience is different. In order to succeed at this you have to challenge yourself and "feel" the music. Success only happens when you can take a group of people and have them to totally forget about the world around them. When they are laughing, dancing, singing, and having a really good time but mostly if you can just bring a smile to their face, to me that is success.
July 26, 2015
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PostSubject: You Must Believe In You   Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:42 pm

You say that you wish you could be
the person on the other side whom you see.
You do not really know how things really are,
you have not seen the bruises or scars.
A life which may be in desperate need of repair,
someone whom is just needing someone to care.
To reach out with an extended hand,
to show compassion, that you are a friend.
You may always wish and dream,
but the reality for the other person
is not at all what it may seem
Karen Faye stated that
at 3 a.m. they would awake and by her side
he would cry his heart out
so desperate for God to take
away the pain, for people to not be so judgmental.
He may have felt there was nothing gained.
She dried his tears and prepared him for his tours.
How in the world could he even endure?
He had danced, sang and performed for them,
and this is how he was treated right though until the very end?
How difficult it was to be judged in front of the world
for the press to be distributing lie after lie.
His life they had so easily torn apart,
not once thinking, not even from the start.
Much of the world judged him for who they thought he was.
When the end overcame,
the whole world felt as though it had stopped in its place,
all of the joy and happiness turned to heartache and pain.
Nowhere could you look and not see,
people praising and even pretending to be a fan,
buying his books, his CD's and even personal property that was sold.
The very same day that he died,
yes, even then the equipment and stages were taken down,
I wonder if they even stopped to cry.
The simple things in life I do recall,
like where I first was when it all began for me,
when I was a teenager and life was lived in simplicity.
I remember when I learned "Beat It" and "Billie Jean".
I remember sitting in front of the TV for hours on end
just to catch a glance of him.  It didn't matter then.
I remember how he made me feel inside,
just to see his smile made me feel like floating on clouds for a while.
I remember when I had a difficult time going to sleep,
of rewinding the Thriller Album on a cassette tape
and it would be at least 2 or 3 full plays before I would finally fall asleep.
I remember how he gave me the thought of perhaps performing one day,
just a mere vision of what one day would actually come true.
He made everything seem possible and would often say,
"Just believe in you".
I've seen the racism, judgmental stares,
of people saying things of which I wouldn't even dare.
To be a performer I would say is hard but true,
yes you do have to believe in you.
There is a cost, a price to pay but in the end I feel it's worth it all.
You get to do what others do not do.
You make a lot of friends and bring joy and love to people's lives.
You fulfill a dream, you get to travel...yes you do.
There is an incredible amount of work to do.
There are no instructional guides of how to do this or that.
In order to survive you must simply think things through...but
all the while you must believe in you.

August 13, 2015
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PostSubject: Re: Glimpse Of Love -- Poems Written by: CP1982Jackson   

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Glimpse Of Love -- Poems Written by: CP1982Jackson
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